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About Dr. Mallen's Patient Photos and Testimonials

Dr. Mallen and his staff practice the highest possible level of confidentiality and discretion working with all of their patients.  All of the patient photos and testimonials in our website have provided with the expressed consent and written permission of their patients.  Additional before and after surgery photos can be viewed at your personal consultation. 

All before and after surgery photos on Dr. Mallen's website are of his patients.  All of the photos depict exact surgical results achieved. None of the photos have been enhanced in any manner to alter actual surgical results.  Dr. Mallen's website does not use computer-generated transformation to dramatize surgical results.  Computer-generated images do not necessarily demonstrate authentic surgical results nor guarantee that any surgeon perform procedures which duplicate computer-generated images.  Results after surgery will vary in accordance with the body type and healing process of each individual patient.  Dr. Mallen can provide realistic expectations for you during your personal and confidential consultation. 

All written descriptions and photos are copyrighted by Dr. Mallen and cannot be copied in any manner.   


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