John K. Mallen, MD
 Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon  
 Cosmetic Surgery


Where Procedures Are Performed

For Cosmetic Procedures
Dr. Mallen and his staff ensure
that patients experience the
utmost in privacy and receive
the highest quality care at:  

Andover Surgery Center
138 Haverhill Street
Doctors Park II
Andover, Massachusetts
Phone:  978.475.2880 

Holy Family Hospital
70 East Street
Methuen, Massachusetts

Phone:  978.687.0151

Salem Surgery Center
32 Stiles Road
Salem, New Hampshire

Phone:  603.898.3610

St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center
736 Cambridge Street
Boston, Massachusetts
Phone:  617.789.3000


Holy Family Hospital


These facilities:
-are fully licensed and accredited
-are staffed by experienced registered nurses and fully credentialed anesthesiologists specially trained in cosmetic surgery procedures
-are equipped with state-of-the-art operating rooms
-accommodate overnight stays (not at
Andover Surgery Center)
-are conveniently located off major highways

For Plastic and Reconstructive Procedures
, Dr. Mallen performs plastic and reconstructive procedures at various hospitals and surgical day care centers in the Merrimack Valley and in Boston.


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