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.  I was completely taken aback by the amount of time
 that Dr. Mallen spent with me personally...I felt like I was treated like the Queen of England...

"...I want to thank Dr. Mallen and his staff for making me feel like I always wanted to!"

"... for the first time in
my life I wore a 2 piece
bathing suit...the results that I have been so fortunate to have are a direct result from the caring and dedicated surgeon..."


“I can’t tell you how absolutely wonderful it is to call your office and hear a friendly,informative voice willing to speak with me and answer my questions.  It is a major step above choosing menu options and voice mail messaging.  This quality first impression assured me that your medical practice will show your patients the same type of care, dignity and respect in the overall treatment given by you and your staff.  I give you an A+.”

TG, 51 year old school teacher and mother of 2 children


"...If you are looking for a sensitive, caring, top-notch surgeon, Dr. Mallen should be on your list.  Devoted to restoring and preserving women’s beauty,  Dr. Mallen has centered his career on the study and art of plastic surgery using the most innovative techniques...." 

"...Dr.Mallen and his staff were very kind, used discretion and answered all of the questions that I had during my consultation...."



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