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Your Personal Consultation


Dr. Mallenís medical expertise, professional manner, and attention to each patientís needs help to explain why 95% of his new patients are referrals of former and current patients.


Call today, 603.894.9898, you will always be greeted by a live person.

A personal consultation provides an opportunity for each patient to become more educated on the surgical procedure being considered.  An in-depth questionnaire regarding general health and medical history is given to each patient.  After a chaperoned patient examination and evaluation, a comprehensive treatment plan is created, and written information is given to the patient.  Dr. Mallen explains all aspects of the procedure including duration, expected results, type of anesthetic, if any, potential risks, post-operative restrictions and recovery process.  All of the patientís questions and concerns are addressed. Often a family member or close friend accompanies the patient in the initial consultation.  Should a patient choose to proceed with surgery, a follow up visit is recommended.

Dr. Mallen and his staff exhibit the utmost care and discretion from the time of each patientís initial consultation, through post-surgical follow up appointments. Patient calls and appointments are always handled by a live person.

If you wish, you may print and complete our 2 page New Patient Questionnaire at your convenience and bring it with you to your personal consultation.

Information provided on Dr. Mallenís web site is for general purposes and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice.  Please make an appointment by calling us at 603.894.9898 for a personal and confidential consultation to evaluate your individual needs.


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