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Skin Rejuvenation Services

Dr. Mallen and his staff specialize in non-surgical skin rejuvenation offering Micropeels, the Micropeel Plus and Vitamin C Enhanced Microdermabrasion. These “lunch hour” treatments are performed by a registered nurse on Dr. Mallen’s staff.  These treatments entail little to no down time.

Deborah Davis, RN, has worked with Dr. Mallen for 5 years.  She assists him with surgical procedures and performs skin rejuvenation treatments.  As a registered nurse, she has over 10 years of experience working in hospital operating rooms, intensive care units and emergency rooms.  She says, "Skin is our biggest organ so it is important to take preventive measures to keep it healthy, and recognize problem conditions requiring special treatments."

After an in-depth evaluation of a patient’s skin condition, a customized skin care regime, that is intended to rejuvenate and maintain the skin, is created.  Home care products individualized to one’s skin type are coupled with Vitamin C and Retinol to maintain skin condition.  These products have been shown to improve skin elasticity, soften fine lines, maintain a youthful complexion, as well as control acne breakouts and scarring.

Dr. Mallen performs
BOTOX and Restylane
treatments as an adjunct to improve facial wrinkles in both surgical and non-surgical procedures.
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on BOTOX and Restylane.



At the time of the patient’s skin rejuvenation appointment with the nurse / skin care clinician, Dr. Mallen often examines the patient for specific skin concerns such as lesions, skin cancers, benign moles, milia or skin tags. A separate consultation can also be arranged with Dr. Mallen to address any concerns.  Hundreds of patients have realized marked improvement in a wide range of skin conditions.  Soothing, anti-aging skin rejuvenation treatment is available for:
▪ active acne
▪ acne scarring
▪ brown spots
▪ blocked pores
▪ dark circles
  under eyes
▪ environmental
  damage /
▪ hypersensitivity
▪ milia
▪ Rosacea

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To arrange your personal in-depth skin evaluation, call us at 603.894.9898.  At  the time of your visit, you will be requested to complete a questionnaire on your skin history and issues.  After an examination of your skin is performed, recommendations will be made. 


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