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Breast Augmentation

"...In 1 Ĺ hours,  I was done, feeling great, sitting up and talking to everyone.   I was so happy.  Now my concerns long before I could exercise and how long before I could wear clothes braless..."   42 year old Registered Nurse and mother of 2 children

Breast augmentation is intended for women ages 20 to 50 years old who seek a fuller, more feminine, but natural look.  Breast augmentation is an effective way to compensate for a small amount of breast tissue, or for loss of upper poll fullness in breasts resulting from pregnancy or nursing.  Breast augmentation is also effective in allowing patients to obtain a more proportional silhouette.  

During the initial consultation, Dr. Mallen inquires about the patientís personal expectations and describes how her desired results can be best achieved.  Pre- and post-operative photos of other breast augmentation procedures are reviewed in detail.  In a chaperoned exam, Dr. Mallen evaluates the patientís genetic makeup, stature, as well as proportionality of shoulders, rib/chest area and hips.  Based on the patientís preferences and exam, Dr. Mallen explains how sizing of breast implants can enhance fullness of breast tissue and projection of breasts. 

Patient 1 - Oblique View


Patient 1 - Side View  

This 31 year old Registered Nurse desired breast augmentation.  She had lost fullness after nursing her 2 children. She requested a modest enlargement which would be proportional to her 5'5", 120 lb frame.



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