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Eyelid Surgery

Patient 1 - Front View Upper Eyelid Surgery

Patient 1 - Oblique View

This 56 year old female disliked the heaviness and redundant skin in her upper eyelids.  The surgery resulted in a more youthful eyelid with an overall more rested appearance.


Eyelid and brow lift surgeries are intended for patients who feel they look tired and are seeking a more youthful appearance.  Upper eyelid surgery removes excess skin that folds over itself causing “hooding.”  The procedure may also involve addressing fat pads of the upper eyelid, thereby giving a more youthful and rested appearance.

Lower eyelid surgery addresses fat pads, commonly known as “bags.”  This surgery is effective in treating dark circles under the eyes.  Surgery for dark circles is sometimes coupled with topical creams specifically designed for use under the eye.  The creams (Retinol, Vitamin C and skin lightening treatments) can be used in conjunction with in-office, non-surgical procedures.

A patient’s initial consultation includes an in-depth history and exam focusing on the entire eye area.  Dr. Mallen examines upper eyelid function and lower eyelid tightness.  Based on findings, a treatment plan, which may include a combination of surgical and non-surgical treatment techniques, is recommended. 



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