John K. Mallen, MD
 Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon  
 Cosmetic Surgery


Face Lift / Neck Lift

The Aging Face - 5 Generations of Daughters

Women and men seek this procedure when they want to improve the appearance of prominent cheek jowls, as well as lax skin and lines of the neck. Face lifts and/or neck lifts effectively re-suspend tissues, remove excess skin and tighten neck muscles, yielding a more youthful contour and better definition of the face and neck.

During an initial consultation, Dr. Mallen evaluates the shape of the patientís face, focusing on facial lines, underlying tissues and sagging or aging skin of the cheek and neck area.  Text book photos of face and neck lift procedures are reviewed in detail.  Based on his evaluation of the patient, Dr. Mallen creates an individualized plan incorporating the patientís concerns that with treatment will yield a natural looking, rested and younger appearance. 


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