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Spider Vein Therapy

Spider vein therapy (sclerotherapy) is for patients seeking to minimize or eliminate spider veins that  may have developed for a variety of reasons, including heredity and pregnancy. 

Spider veins are tiny red, blue and purple blood vessels commonly found in the legs--most typically in the thigh and knee area.  Spider veins may appear individually or in a cluster that resembles a bruise.  They can be distinguished from varicose veins which are more prominent, appear bluish-green and sometimes bulge through the skin.

Sclerotherapy is a safe saline solution injection treatment that causes the spider veins to shrink and disappear.  The procedure, performed in the office, is virtually painless and does not entail any downtime.  Patients can return to work immediately, if desired. 

Dr. Mallen has successfully treated many patients who were dissatisfied with results they obtained from laser therapy on their spider veins.

During an initial consultation, Dr. Mallen evaluates if sclerotherapy is the best treatment option.

  ◄◄Sclerotherapy Treatment
The photo of the disappearing veins demonstrates actual results achieved within 15 seconds of Dr. Mallen's injection of saline injection into a patient's inner thigh.



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