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Torn Earlobe Surgery


These photos depict a commonly occurring entity usually associated with trauma from catching one’s earring on certain clothing or accidental pulling.  This can also be caused by heavy earrings.  The healing scar is still visible as the post-operative photo is fairly recent.

Earlobe surgery is intended for patients who wish to repair torn earlobes caused by trauma or by the weight of heavy earrings.  This outpatient procedure is performed only by Dr. Mallen in the office or surgery center, using a local anesthetic.  To preserve the integrity of this delicate area, it is highly recommended that patients have a plastic surgeon perform the re-piercing on a repaired healed earlobe.  Dr. Mallen often re-pierces the ear after healing is completed.

During an initial consultation, Dr. Mallen evaluates the injured earlobe.  He reviews the surgical procedure and its associated risks and restrictions. 

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